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Today: working from home in the morning, then afternoon off to finish off the last bits of unpacking. Was supposed to be going to book group tonight but it's been cancelled due to snoooow.

Working from home is really weird. On balance I do probably get less work done (not that I would ever admit it to my boss), but I am in a hyper-alert state - sensitive to every noise that could possibly be a phone call/email coming in. It is nice to have the radio on though, and to still be in my PJs, and sitting at my desk by a sunny window. I had a very nice coffee this morning out of my new cafetiere wot I got for Christmas but hadn't used yet. (Maybe this accounts for the hyper-alert state?) I have got yummy soup for lunch too. Good good good, got the hygiene factors sorted. All is well.

PS And CONGRATULATIONS to my friend S who got engaged over the weekend!


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