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Reasons to be cheerful

Today: work then pilates then off to the cinema to see Revolutionary Road.

Haven't had a chance to blog much this week because of work being so busy. More doom and gloom announcements at my company unfortunately - my pay has been frozen until May 2010. Am a bit gutted about this as I've been stuck on my current salary for a year already. Not sure what I can really do about it though, sadly. My boss told me I should be "grateful to have a job at all" (in a nice way ... kind of) so I guess I shouldn't moan.

What things are there on the bright side? I had a fab weekend, caught up with lots of friends - old and new - and have got more fun things coming up, including a trip to Barcelona in a couple of weeks (which is going to absolutely break me financially because of the weakness of the pound.... but Bright Side, Bright Side). Can't wait to go up to the Park Güell again, and to the beach. And for tapas and sangria. Plus I found a 20 euro note in my purse the other day left over from my trip to Paris a whole year ago - it's probably doubled in value since then. Hurrah!

What else? Of course - I am free from Evilhousemate's vice-like grip, and that is a great reason to be cheerful. All continues to go swimmingly with my new housemates. We smile! We talk! We laugh! There are flowers in the kitchen, food in the fridge and a song in my heart. Only thing at the moment is that we don't have a telly, so we need to get that sorted pronto. I've already missed Rupert Penry Jones in that new ITV drama, dangnabbit. I am looking forward to reclaiming my lazy Sundays in front of ITV2/More4. It's been far too long since my last Come Dine With Me marathon.


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