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Van Dyck (Sir A., not Dick)

Today: work then off to Roxy's bar in Borough for drinks with a colleague.

Great weekend. The Van Dyck exhibition was fantastic. As you walk in through the entrance, the first picture you see is his self-portrait aged 20 (which I was going on about in my last post).

This one:

He is so endearingly pompous in the way he paints himself with exaggeratedly long fingers (apparently to imply creativity) and a rather swish, chic outfit, but then his face is so vivid and impish, and it's all done so lightly and delicately. You practically expect to see his face move any second. And he was only 20! There were some wonderful Stuart England portraits in the exhibition, and a few by other artists to give some context. Fascinating to see Van Dyck next to Myners, the best-known portraitist of the years before Van D came to England, whose paintings are almost like tapestries in that they are hugely rich in detail yet still very two-dimensional, where as Van D's paintings almost quiver with life.

Anyway, ramble ramble. I liked it a lot. Link here:

The rest of the weekend was pretty good too, with a trip to see Two Lovers at the cinema (9.5 out of 10 with 0.5 deducted because the cinema smelt appalling...not really fair to the film but oh well) and a bit of shopping. I bought some shoe boots. Somehow I don't really think I am fashionable enough for shoe boots, but I put them on in the shop and fell in love with them. They are so cool, but may not last long in the sudden downpours of springtime London.

Not a lot of exciting stuff in store this week really. Drinks tonight with a colleague, gym tomorrow night, and then dinner on Wednesday at my friend K's house. She is in the process of breaking up with her boyfriend, who is a friend of my ex, and she is going to want to talk about that a lot I think (better take some w(h)ine). Thursday night I am going to a talk about a charity trek thing that I might take part in. And Friday I'm going to see Madame de Sade at Wyndham's, and then on to a party with a whole load of French people, all friends of my housemate.

Actually that is a pretty busy week after all. Don't know why I'd written it off in my head. Whinger.

Not a lot on this weekend though apart from PACKING FOR THAILAND. Wooooooooooobloodyhooooooooooooooooooooooo!


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