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Let it snow let it snow let it snoooow!
Today: walk in the snow, work, hopefully leaving early to walk in the snow s'more and then home to UNpack :)

It is snowing! Real proper snow! Here are some views of London in the snow, taken on my way to work this morning. 

Quick update to say the house move went very well over the weekend. Now-ex-evilhousemate decided to spend the weekend away so GUTTINGLY I didn't get to say so long, farewell, au revoir, auf wieder sehen, knob off. I did, however, (and genuinely by accident) manage to steal her copy of Harry Potter 7 along with packing my own, so I now have two copies. Heh. That'll teach her.

My brother came up on Saturday night to help me pack, which meant keeping me entertained while I packed, which really meant falling asleep in front of the football while I ran up and down the stairs like a lunatic. He fully redeemed himself on Sunday though, by lugging my many bags and boxes stuff up and down the stairs and keeping calm and cheerful throughout. He also did several good donkey impressions and was invaluable in cleaning out the contents of my fridge. 

The new flat is lovely. It is clean and airy and bright and big beyond all sense. I have started unpacking, rather feebly, but spent a lot of yesterday wandering round with glass of wine in hand and foolish grin on face. My new housemates were very welcoming and I think we are all going to have a welcome dinner together in the next few days. Hurrah - hurrah - and thrice - hurrah!

PS - Aussie tennis was amazing on Sunday morning. Poor old Rog. I do love him. Ever since his special Wimblecardigan.


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