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Living for the weekend
Today: work then gym then home to cook dinner for my friend G
I've just been to a viewing of the "Day in the Life Of" film that was made for work. Verdict: less shame-making than anticipated, although I am now aware that my eyebrows are a weird shape (must correct this) and I have a double chin (probably won't correct this TBH). My "at rest" facial expression seems to be "pissed off" (although maybe that is because I was pissed off with being filmed).

Here are my eyebrows:

In terms of woodenness I think I am on a par with the other 5 participants (apart from the postie who did his best David Brent impression in the talking heads bits).
Tomorrow it is being screened to around 500 people in the London office, with another showing next week. GULP.
Very excited about the weekend, lots of fun things coming up. Swim tomorrow night I think, then quick run on Saturday morning. Lunch with a blast-from-the-very-distant-past and probably watching the rugby. Then out to karaoke with my gap year friends on Saturday night. Sunday will be a late roast beef lunch with my friend K.
Only one more boring day of work to go! (/uberprofessional) Hurrah!


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