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Baby fever

Today: work then dinner with my friend R who is just about to have a baby.

A whole week since my last update. I am neglectful.

I am mega mega psyched about seeing R tonight. The last time I saw her, her bump was at the "is she just a bit porky" stage. Now, with one week to go until her due date, she is by all accounts the size of a house. We have been friends for 15 years now and I can't believe she's about to be a momma. And what a great one she is bound to be. She is going to be having a little girl and I bet she'll be just as cool as her mum.

Gosh am welling up a bit. AHEM sorry, will man up now.

Not sure what to cook for dinner as I gather pregnancy prevents one from eating a lot of (delicious) types of food - soft cheese, tuna, nuts etc etc. I'm sure my local supermarket (the smallest Tesco in the entire universe) will provide ample inspiration, with its usual selection of one pork loin, two lonely swedes and a bajillion varieties of Haribo.

All continues to be vair vair busy at work especially now my team of three is a gruesome twosome. I have caught a cold as well, so am more sniffles than snoffles at the mo.

Plans for this week are as follows.

  • Tomorrow - dinner at my friend S's house with two other ex-colleagues (I am down to provide pudding. Likely to be Haribo.)
  • Friday - off to see the Donmar production of Twelfth Night
  • Saturday - theatre AGAIN to see matinee of Complicit (I know, I know, BUT - I got a stalls seat for the princely sum of £12 because of the Old Vic's participation in this excellent scheme: - any under 26s should definitely check this out)
  • Then in the evening I'm off to Matter at the O2 for clubbing.
  • Sunday - cinema with friend K to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Go! Go! Go! Phew.

And at some point I need to pack for BARCELONA where I is goin on Wednesday next week. Wicked.

Right, signing off now to do some actual work or risk unemployment. Hasta luego guapos.


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