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Spot the lie in this post.

Today: work (lunch with Mum) then home to sleeeeeeep.

R's baby was enchanting. I am completely in love with her. Although clearly I don't want one myself just yet. Nope. Not at all.

All continues to be very busy here at work, joy of all deep joys. It's actually not too bad - the days are definitely going more quickly than usual. I think if I had been this busy at work a few months ago, right in the middle of the breaking-up-with-long-term-boyfriend and moving-house-away-from-psychohousemate and no-holiday-in-sight sagas, I would have gone completely doolally. As it is, things are going very well outside of work so I think I'm handling it all ok.

Have been seeing a new bloke (29, French, gorjuss) for a couple of weeks who is keeping me pretty occupied and making me very silly and happy. Also have been dieting like a beast and have managed to shift a few pounds. Fell off the wagon ever so slightly today with a Cadbury's creme egg for breakfast.

We've got a TV at home now - AMAZING! I've already caught up on lots of Come Dine With Me and really enjoyed the No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency last Sunday as well. I can feel my urge to go to the gym/read novels/generally improve myself dissipating somewhat.

Will sign off for now with a quick foodie recommendation - somewhere I went the other night with Le Francais, and which I would fervently recommend.

Comptoir Gascon, Smithfield:


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