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Arts and culture

Today: work (with lunchtime lecture) then gym.

All continuing to go swimmingly with Le Francais. He is off to Vegas for 10 days tomorrow morning so normal life will resume for a bit. My friend told me today she thinks he looks like Roger Federer, which is possibly the most pleasing comment I've EVER heard, ever. Now all I have to do is coerce him into wearing a Wimblardigan.

Still very busy at work but new person is starting next Wednesday. Hurrah!

Plans for the weekend. Tomorrow night I'm heading out for a drink with colleagues (S in socialising-with-team-mates-shocker), then on to a friend M's birthday party in Islington. She has hired out a bar with a caravan in it, which sounds a bit odd but should hopefully be quite fun. Saturday daytime I am going to go for a swim and then go to the MAC shop to play with eyeshadows. Then in the evening I'm off to see my friend L in a play, with a few of our other mates. Then out for drinks 'n' dancin' afterwards.

On Sunday I'm going to hit the Tate Britain. I went to a lecture about Van Dyck today at lunchtime and it was fascinating - how talented he was, at such a young age. They showed one of his self portraits, done at the age of just 20, and it is staggeringly beautifully executed. Especially when you compare it to what English artists were doing at the time, which was far more two-dimensional and not at all naturalistic. I'd already seen one of his works (the portrait of Charles I with his family) at the National Gallery of Scotland, and now I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole exhibition in the flesh. As preparation I've been reading this fascinating article:

Can't wait!


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